Let’s Work Together

There are a few ways I work with industry partners as a consultant:

1. Doing UX Research: like an ethnographer.

Want to know why your users behave the way they do? I design research projects and carry them out from concept (what exactly do we need to know?) to final presentation (synthesis of target user insights and behavioral patterns). This allows teams to deeply learn about their users in order to design something impactful.

2. Leading Persuasive Behavior Design Workshops: like a university professor.

Want to understand and practice behavior design? I facilitate customized, interactive sessions for teams to learn how to think and practice like behavior designers. These workshops can last anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days, and enables teams to use a cohesive persuasive design strategy.

3. Assessing Behavioral Engagement: like an auditor.

Want advice about how to make your offering more engaging? I  provide my best subject matter expertise and evaluation strategy of your health care program, product, or service.

Please contact me at steph@habifhealth.com to discuss working together.

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