Good Healthcare

I spoke on a panel yesterday at the MobileBeat2013 conference. The conversation focused on leveraging behavior design for good digital products and services. When the moderator, Nir Eyal, asked for examples of companies that are getting it right, here are a few (+ more) of the examples I mentioned:

Sessions – Users experience personalized digital health coaching  via SMS and e-mail. Content is dynamic to match motivation levels and grounded in proven behavioral science strategies.  On the other end of that digital interaction is a live, human health coach.

PokitDok – Users experience customized healthcare consumerism via web and mobile app. Search options allow users to match themselves to a healthcare provider according to their desired specialty, location, and price.  On the other end of that transaction is a live, human healthcare provider.

Sherpaa – Users experience personalized health advice via phone and email. Employees can easily access doctors with questions around health and health insurance when needed. On the other end of that query is a live, human medical doctor.

Notice the trends?

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