Issues of the heart are at the center of my calming technology world this week.

During Monday’s Calming Tech Lab meeting, we hosted a medical expert whose work focuses on calming interventions for women with heart disease. We explored the true value of those moments  –> tiny points that are intervention opps during the day of a heart disease patient when calm can ‘medicate’ the heart. She is doing important work with women who have heart disease —> teaching them daily meditation techniques to heal their heart. So how can we as calming tech designers enhance that work?

Then this morning I spoke with my mom, who just spent two days with cardiologists in NYC. She’s been under a lot of stress, and it turns out, she has mitral valve prolapse. Hers is ‘leaky’ – meaning, the doctors will assess her heart every six months + she needs to reduce stress and increase aerobic exercise and other calming practices. My mom is lucky because she is aware of her heart situation before it becomes a problem. She has knowledge and time to establish new calming habits.

Want to know what calming technology is? It’s a strategic solution for anyone who wants/needs to enhance calm in their lives…including my mom.

Theoretical Model of Calming Tech

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