One of the most impressive aspects of the Rock Health Innovation Summit last week was the emphasis on people actually doing stuff. What I mean is this:

  • Rock Health  believes in doing. Upon their first birthday, they have ‘evidence’ about how much they’ve done with their number of class applications, website click through rates, number of people who attended the Summit, etc. Not too shabby for <12 months. In fact, down right rockin’.
  • All three days at the Summit allowed attendees to do….a developers challenge, a design challenge, and a demo. We were provided a chance to do what everyone was talking about. If we’re going to talk the talk, let’s walk the walk.
  • The line up of speakers included people who have been rolling up their sleeves to get dirty in the health 2.0 space, and they shared many stories from the field. For example: Arna from Proteus Biomedical, Brian from Greengoose, Ida from OpenmHealth, Ian at MIT’s Media Lab, Sam from United Health…Geoff was there actually prototyping his new app, Sprialbound.

Of all the health 2.0 events I’ve attended, this one had the strongest (and much needed) focus on doing. Rock Health leads with behaviors that were encouraged over and over by speakers and attendees alike: recognize a need -> clarify a goal -> design & iterate x10. I was thrilled and inspired to be with people in the health 2.0 space who are rockin’!

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