Health care needs design. Design has entered health care. But health care has traditionally been an evidence-based practice, and health care wants “proof” that design works.

As we figure out how to navigate this industry cultural issue, check out these few design disciplines that are influencing health care:

Ethnography. is the study and systematic recording of humans in their environments.

Research Design. is turning the research question into a testing project. The best design depends on your research questions.

Persuasive Design. is the process of creating persuasive technology, or “technology that is designed to change attitudes or behaviors of the users through persuasion and social influence, but not through coercion.” – Wikipedia / BJ Fogg In other words, it is the use of psychology in design to influence behavior.

Behavior Design. the newest design subset joining the party; birthed from the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford, it’s a theory-based methodology for effectively changing habits & driving behavior.

UX Design. building interaction architecture and models that influence user experience of a device, system, or service.

Want to check out design + health care? Check out the RFP Live Design Challenge


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