“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is a book about the drastically different ways men and women think, feel, behave, and function. I talked about this book over the weekend during a panel presentation at Medicine 2.0 along with my colleagues Ramin and Nic. …because what we’ve learned over this past year from our health 2.0 collaboration is that entrepreneurs are from Mars and academics are from Venus.

We shared our insights, and specifically that in order to bring these two polar opposite industry experts together, certain elements are needed:

  • A method of connection. A strategist, social network, conference, or program must enable the partnership to happen.
  • Social pleasure. The people collaborating must like each other, especially when there is no defined process. When there is a defined process, it may not matter as much.
  • Alignment of interests. Cohesion happens when all parties share the same goal. Cohesion fuels innovation.
  • Clear incentives. In our case, Nic the academic wants data for dissemination of knowledge (publications and presentations). Ramin the entrepreneur wants data for credibility with industry partners and stakeholders.
  • A working agreement. A memorandum of understanding that outlines funding, role clarity, project design, and other factors to set clear expectations.
  • Trust. This is the most important element for collaboration. Nic the academic needs assurance that he can have wiggle room to satisfy a rigorous scientific process. Ramin the entrepreneur needs proof of experience to believe that the science being produced is of satisfactory quality. All parties involved need a moderator: someone good at communication and conflict resolution.

For more on this read John Abele’s article on innovation in the medical field. Or even better, reach out to any one of us to chat more about health 2.0 collaboration processes.

Nic, Steph, Ramin


  1. This project would have *never* come together if it wasn't for your ability to *translate* between the "worlds"….HUGE thank you!

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