“Reaching more people to provide behavioral intervention and support at less financial and personal costs requires ‘disruptive innovation’ in intervention design and delivery.”


I just read this published article on “Internet and mobile phone delivery vehicles for global diffusion” and while the topic was STD/HIV transmission, the authors raise several critical points that apply across all health behaviors:

Health behavior change is a dynamic process; and effective behavioral interventions are challenging to scale, which is why health technology developers and behavioral health experts need each other. Integrate behavior designers (and MDs and health educators and nurses and psychologists, etc.) into the development of health tech solutions.
Health is personal and social. People want to learn about their health in a personal, simple, social way.  Mobile phones have quickly become one of the most personally relevant belongings in our society. Understand how people use their mobile devices – and what meaning/contextual relevance those devices have – and design behavioral interventions around that. Design around behaviors.
“Put hot triggers in the path of motivated people.” Design, test, iterate, re-test, iterate….until you have something that works.  Often “many crummy trials beat deep thinking.” Well designed triggers delivered seamlessly into a person’s daily living will optimize adoption of behavioral interventions.
Well designed technology based behavioral interventions can be as effective as human-delivered interventions.

A huge thank you to the founder of Qpid.me for this.

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  1. I'm thrilled that our article resonated with you and that you honed in on the big picture disruptive innovations we are promoting. It's nice to see our work is being read and having some kind of impact.Thanks! Dallas

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