I was miserable when I woke up this morning. I felt exhausted, anxious, and wanting nothing more than to go back to bed. My attitude was exactly that of my friend Nic: “Screw you, Monday morning!”

Going back to bed wasn’t an option, though. So I made some coffee, turned on my computer, and started the day. As I worked, I became crankier, more anxious, and then started feeling sick to my stomach.

So you know what I did? I went to the gym.

I went the gym because it was the only hope I had for redesigning my attitude. I walked in, got on a stationary bike, and started pedaling. Not too fast. Not too hard. Just pedaling. One after the other. And slowly, I started feeling a shift. My body was warming up; my mind began thinking clearly; and my energy was starting to flow.

Exercising this morning was not about weight loss. It was not about vanity. It was about chemistry. I needed to change the chemistry of my mind/body/spirit. I didn’t have the energy to run or do yoga…I had just enough energy to push pedals on a stationary bike.

I didn’t even notice how long I’d been pedaling until I looked down and saw 45 minutes on the timer. For anyone who knows, pedaling 8.77 miles in 45 minutes is not fast. It’s not even kind of fast. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that while I was exercising, I was thinking about changing my chemistry.

Now I feel better.

As Covert Bailey said, “I had a big fight with my wife, and boy, was I angry. So I went out to run. Within 15 minutes, I forgot what we fought about. Within 30 minutes, I forgot that we fought. By the time I finished running, I forgot I was married.”

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