I’m flying to the East coast today for important work meetings tomorrow morning. I need to bring my A-game, which means I need to think clearly, look good, and feel good! But anytime I eat airplane food, I’m left feeling lethargic, dissatisfied and bloated. Mainly because airplane food is packed with calories, salt & sugar (preservatives), and unhealthy fats. So as part of my meeting prep, I packed a lunchbox for the plane: sliced turkey, carrots, banana, dry roasted almonds, blueberries, and water. Easy to pack, easy to eat, and economical!

I also get nervous when a flight full of people are coughing and sneezing. It seems fairly easy to pick up a respiratory bug on an airplaneEssential Oils (Theives) and anti-bacterial creams applied to the nose and throat are good strategies for protecting against the in-flight toxins. High doses of Vitamin C before and during airplane travel can help boost immunity too. 

Early this morning I went to the gym to do a 40 minute moderate intensity workout. I ate a healthy breakfast and took some Vitamin C before I left for the airport. And just prior to boarding, I sprayed Thieves on my hands and face. Tonight I will take 500 mg of Melatonin to optimize my sleep in hopes of minimal jetlag effects (don’t want puffy eyes!)

Is there anything else I can do to boost my health during transatlantic travel?

Perhaps none of this makes much of a difference in the end, but if I think it does – if I am empowered by my behavior – then I say, welcome the placebo! Ready to rock it tomorrow!

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  1. Way cool! My dad and I loved this. We just flew back from Miami and the food was HORRRRRRIBLE! dad hates himself when he eats like that. I am gonna make him pack like you did for our next flight! Thanks!

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