Include Health Behaviorists

From Jay Parkinson’s blog

This is a hot topic. Many brilliant bloggers like Jay and Erica Holt have been writing about mobile app efficacy. Apps can certainly be part of a health behavior change solution. But health does not happen in silo’s. 

Health behavior change requires more than one strategy. With the surge of mobile health applications and wellness design innovation comes a growing need for behavioral health researchers and practitioners. A clear understanding of health behavior science is key for optimal design, implementation, and usability of products, programs, and services. Very few design teams and organizations are using behavioral health experts, leaving an important gap in the development process, Ultimately, behavioral health experts are well equipped to contribute to this growing body of work by collaborating with designers and entrepreneurs. 

That’s why I’m working with Ramin Bastani – Founder/CEO of He gets it. And Jeff Halevy of Halvey Life. He gets it. These entrepreneurs see the value in including a behavioral health expert in their concepting and design processes. The guys at the Future Well are awesome at this. And of course, Dr. BJ Fogg at Stanford is leading the charge to advocate for health behavior change science integration in the worlds of health technology and wellness design. 

Learn how to ask important questions before you design and disseminate. Tap into behavioral health expertise to formulate your methodology. Get a grip on the process of health behavior change if you’re designing for health behavior change! 

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