My legs were sore when I woke up this morning. I couldn’t figure out why; I haven’t done any exercises out of the ordinary. And then I realized: I’m coming to the end of my first full week using a standing desk! Yep, as I continue to set up my new place in San Francisco, I chose to set up my “office” with a standing work station.

It’s not my first time using a standing work station. But at my last place, the work station was built in. I’ve never had to design my own. Where to go to buy a standing work desk?

The Genius Bar at Apple is designed for standing work.

Jay Parkinson advocates for standing desks – so I e-mailed him.

I even walked through an entire IKEA to come up with some ideas. Then, two weeks ago as I was staring at this empty bookcase my grandfather made, I thought “hey, that could work!”

I took the measurements and in fact, the top shelf meets my height requirements well enough.
The piece is 47 in. high; 36 in wide; 10 in. deep.

I strategically placed it to allow the surrounding space to enhance my work. I like to be inspired by environment, so:

  • Natural light on both sides
  • A magnificent view to my left
  • Flowers and plants on my right to tease my senses of smell and sight
*I’m contemplating a rubber mat on the floor where I stand – or a really good pair of “work sneakers” to prevent foot fatigue.
Some people work better with no distraction. They need no or minimal stimulation to produce their best work. We are all unique when it comes to optimizing productivity. I think best on my feet.
So far, I am loving my new work station! It’s such an economical option. Not to mention the added benefits of mindlessly burning more calories and preventing disease.
Tips for setting up your own standing work space:
  • consider your height so your computer set up allows for good posture;
  • protect your feet with quality shoes or a friendly standing surface;
  • ease in – if you’ve never spent hours per day standing, spend just an hour or two at first and build up our time standing to allow your joints and muscles to adapt;
  • create your ideal working energy – do you work better with some environmental distraction or do you need total focus?
  • be proud. We were built to stand!

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