Morris Panner wrote an excellent commentary on the power of the technology to trigger change in Egypt.

First, I pray that the people in Egypt stay as safe as possible during this time of unrest.
Second, I very much agree with his comments about the power of the internet and the fact that it is influencing behaviors (dating behaviors, communication behaviors, etc, etc.); for better or worse we don’t know yet.
As a behaviorist, I am always careful to state that I believe technology is part – potentially a crucial part – of the solution for health behavior change (not the sole solution). However, Egypt is a convincing example of how technology can enable and motivate the masses behaviorally – so what are the MOST important lessons to take away from what is happening in Egypt re: using technology for health behavior change? Can we start a coup against the fast food industry? Can we generate an uprising against the US health insurance industry to demand greater access to health care? Can we use Twitter to make exercise more “trendy?” How can we cultivate the wisdom from Egypt and apply it to our greatest health challenges here in the US? That, to me, is an exciting question!

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