‘Tis the season for resolutions, and I wonder what yours are? Do you have more than one? And do you think about making positive changes in your life at other times of the year, or just when a new one comes?

A new friend told me a story about breaking up recently. As I was listening, I thought, “wow, this person is dedicated to genuine health and happiness.” Genuine health and happiness requires courage, patience, self-love, and a willingness to accept ourselves as human beings. We are not perfect, we are human, and that’s even more interesting.

Several brilliant minds are dedicated to the ongoing study of health and happiness. What I believe their greatest strength to be, as practitioners, is to communicate the pursuit of happiness with simplicity and practicality. So before you declare a resolution you will not keep, consider the basic resolution to be happier.

Check these guys out:

Jay Parkinson

Tal Ben Shahar

Alex Lickerman

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