Is there anyone out there for which whom moving house is not a stressor? As I pack up boxes and manage the uncanny number of logistics related to leaving my house next week, I’m baffled at how draining the process is! I have less and less energy for the other parts of my life as I close in on our closing date.

Two weeks ago, I was allowing my moving stress to get the best of me: eating and sleeping like crap; not exercising; drinking alcohol to relax…and then I had a moment of clarity in which I realized that I was letting the process of moving control my health and happiness. Why? Why not find ways to better manage the stress?

So I started committing to daily early morning workout sessions at the gym. Sometimes I’m there for 10  minutes and sometimes I’m there for 2 hours; as long as I break a sweat, I’m good. I use imagery to imagine the toxins and stressor leaving my body in the form of sweat. I listen to therapuetic music while I’m working out.

I gave up refined sugar. Why? Especially during the holiday season, why would anyone give up sugar? Well, I thought about what I do and don’t have control over right now. Of course, I can have control over what I eat and drink. …if I choose to. So no refined sugar (I decided this would be a heck of a challenge for me) and only limited amounts of vodka.

I wake up every morning no later than 6.00am; which means I’m flat out exhausted by the time my head hits the pillow and I don’t even remember falling asleep.

I decided to use small habits to better manage my moving stress.

I still have weeks of moving stress to endure. I’ve decided to cope, though, with a small arsenal of healthy habits that are helping me feel empowered rather than helpless.

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