Before eating the feast, each person at our Thanksgiving dinner table took a moment to say what they are thankful for. Here’s some of what I heard:
“I’m thankful for the love of my life and my beautiful daughter.”


“I’m thankful for health and longevity.”
“I’m thankful for clean air and water.”

“I’m thankful for my kids.”

“I’m thankful for all this amazing food”

“I”m thankful for old friends and new family.”

“I’m thankful that we can vote – how ‘about those Republicans, eh?”

 “I’m thankful for health and happiness”

We are so lucky. 

Many places exist here in the United States and around the world where there is no clean water, no quality food, lack of free government, and little happiness.

Thanksgiving may have been yesterday, but today I am just as thankful.

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