My niece, Skylar, is four months old. She is so excited to crawl and walk! She loves to stand on two legs and work on putting one foot in front of the other.

We don’t do that very much as adults. Walk, I mean. We’ve engineered walking right out of our daily lifestyle – elevators, cars, subway trains, etc. We don’t need to walk to get most places, do we? So why walk?

Because it is what our human bodies are made for. We are built for walking. We evolved to walk. It feels good to walk. Bob Hope lived until age 100, and he consistently went out and took a walk every day. Everyday! And there’s even great news for shorter humans: Shorter people burn more calories walking than their taller friends. Which means Skylar is going to be much thinner than her auntie after we finish walking across the room.

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