I ended up in bed last Thursday with a migraine headache. I was so debilitated, all I could do was lay in bed in a dark, quiet room and breathe until it was over. It was awful. I’ve had an ever-so slight residual headache since that doesn’t want to go away. Argh!

Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever experienced brain pain knows a headache. Why does this happen?
Bright Lights
Change in Sleep or Poor Sleep
Changes in Weather
Two biggest Triggers:
Food….specifically chocolate, coffee, aged cheeses, and alcohol (especially red wine). **My top 4 faves***
Inside our brain, major nerves get inflammed and irritated, or blood vessels dialate to causes further inflammation. Our “feel good chemical” – seratonin – drops, and we hurt.
I rarely have headaches, so I’m crippled when it happens. Like you, I’ve experienced all kinds of headaches at one point or another.
Waking up this morning again with a minor headache finally has me frustrated enough to get serious about getting rid of it.
So what are 5 things I can do:
1) Eliminate coffee, chocolate, red wine, cheese, any foods with MSG or aspartame. Bummer.
2) Use over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or aspirin.
3) Do aerobic exercise – biking, walking – anything to help me sweat because aerobics will relieve my stress and increase my pain killing endorphins. Yoga and medication can further reduce tension too.
4) Have great sex
5) Next time, don’t wait four days to tend to a headache!

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