The guys at The Future Well recently posted this video – The Human Energy Company – on their blog.

What a brilliant idea!!

What if your energy output – that is, the amount of energy you physically expend every day – related directly to your energy bill? What if you could pay your energy bill in time spent moving around, exercising, physically training?

We often neglect to think of food and drink as energy. Food is energy, and the amount we take in should equal the amount of energy we put out. Think of your body as a machine. It only requires a certain amount of gas….but we are putting way too much gas into our machines – we aren’t burning enough. When your car needs gas, a gas light goes on. When your body needs fuel, it sends hunger signals. Too much stress, sedentary living, and poor mental health has us in situations where we can no longer easily decipher a true hunger signal. We are not sure when, what, nor how much food to eat.

So let’s simplify – imagine if you could pay your bills in physical movement. The more you move each day, the less money you have to pay. This is a fantastic concept for health and happiness!

Not sure about you, but I’m going to start moving as much as I can.

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