“Are you a tawlka or a texta?” 
Sorry, allow me to remove the Jersey accent, “Are you a talker or a texter?”

I’m a talker. I like being verbal. It seems us talkers are slowly getting outnumbered by more and more texters every day. Texting is becoming the communication norm. 
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes the rise of texting. Some of the numbers in this article shocked me. Teenagers receive over 3,000 texts per month?!?!? Wow.

Texting’s rise over conversation is changing the way we interact, social scientists and researchers say. We default to text to relay difficult information. We stare at our phone when we want to avoid eye contact. Rather than make plans in advance, we engage in what Rich Ling, a researcher for the European telecom company Telenor and a professor at IT University in Copenhagen who studies teens and technology, has named “micro-coordination”—”I’ll txt u in 10mins when I know wh/ restrnt.”
Texting saves us time, but it steals from quiet reflection. “When people have a mobile device and have even the smallest increment of extra time, they will communicate with someone in their life,” says Lee Rainie , director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project…..
As a 35 year old single woman, I understand the value in texting, but I also despise it. I dislike that men ask me out on dates and dear friends address difficult topics via text. It belittles the human element of relationships. I don’t want a piece of technology to be the reason I can have special social and emotional experiences with friends and family. My Jersey accent gets lost through text!
So I find myself still thinking a lot about whether technology helps or hurts our health and happiness. Of course, the answer is both. 


  1. I totally agree. I heard that my friend was pregnant and that another friend was engaged via text. I HATE when guys ask me out by text too. Pick up the damn phone! But with Facetime on the new ipod and iphone, I get to see and talk to my baby niece that lives 8 hours away. So yes, there is def a good and bad to technology.

  2. i wonder if the same conversation took place as writing became relevant and a part of culture. to each their own, as long as they're communicating in some form, is my feeling overall :)great/interesting post!,ramin*note to self –> don't text stephanie 🙂

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