I wear a bracelet on my left wrist. I’ve worn it for years, and it fits loose enough to slide up and down my wrist. Today, though, it’s tight. So tight I can’t move it around my wrist…so tight, it’s leaving marks on my skin.

I woke up this morning feeling swollen and tired. My body is inflamed, literally.

Inflammation causes many undesirable experiences: pain, fatigue, irritability, disease. In my situation, several days of drinking too much caffeine and alcohol, doing too much intense exercise (I have an injury which is now aggravated from the exercise), and eating a poor diet, and neglecting high stress levels has made me this swollen. By the way, what “too much” and “high stress” means to each person is unique. I typically do not drink alcohol, limit myself to one coffee per day, eat a healthy diet, and practice varied exercise….which is why my behaviors this past week have affected me so.

So now what? What are simple tips for decreasing inflammation:

1) Lower intakes of alcohol, caffeine, salt, sugar, cola, white flour products, and junk food.

2) Eat as many raw fruits and veggies as you can (spinach, blueberries, pineapple, papaya, onion have high anti-inflammatory properties).

3) Use specific spices in your food (cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, tumeric have high anti-inflammatory properties). And if you don’t cook, put cinnamon powder in your coffee or tea

Anti-inflammatory spices in my cabinet designated on a special shelf

4) Epsom Salts bath – soaking in epsom salts for 15 or more minutes decreases swelling.

How will I know when the inflammation is gone? When my bracelet slides up and down my wrist!

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  1. I've had good results with fish oil and more recently Zyflamend… in the past have also tried intermittent fasting but not exactly sure how/if that helps with inflammation ^_^~Leslie@qpid_me

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