Health Insurance is a “hot button” topic. While the Obama administration is trying to figure out how to lower health care costs and tend to the millions of Americans without health insurance, the numbers are going up …sadly.

Health insurance premiums went up 14% even though medical spending was flat this past year!
Whether you have health insurance or not, this affects you. It affects all of us.

I hear stories every day of friends and colleagues jumping through creative hoops just to qualify for decent health insurance. I’ll use myself as an example: I practice top notch health behaviors (almost) every single day; I’m 35 years old and in perfect health; I don’t smoke, I don’t participate in any other high-risk behaviors, I don’t have any special medical conditions….BUT I’ve had three reconstructive hip surgeries. Which means health insurance companies don’t want to cover me. No matter how much I’m willing to pay. So I set up my small business LLC in such a way that guarantees I will qualify for coverage. My friend Ed – also one of the most habitually healthiest individuals I know – has diabetes, so thank goodness his new employer can provide him good insurance. It just shouldn’t be this complicated!

It will be interesting to see how well the new federal mandate goes into action this month. Supposedly nobody will be denied quality health insurance anymore. The key word, of course, being quality. What, dear friends, are you getting from your health insurance company? Are you pleased with your coverage? Is your plan easy to understand/use/apply?

United Health Care unveiled a new program called Health in Numbers. It seems like a fairly robust program in which they tackle several barriers to health care such as:

-Access made easier with Technology = their Personalized Physician Search allows the best match between you and your providers; an IPhone app called DocGPS enables the user to locate the nearest participating provider;
-Customization made easier according to Disease Trends = their Diabetes Health Plan is personalized to anyone with diabetes;
-Navigating the System made easier with Social Support = their Health Advocates are always available to answer your most important questions; Electronic Medical Records (EMR) mean less paperwork for you and better management for them.

Does anyone use this program? If so, does it make your health care easier?

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